In the past several years, a new type of streaming satellite video player has taken the television industry by storm. The Dreambox Player has quickly become the device of choice for people looking to view streaming satellite video on their computers.

About the Dreambox Player

The Dreambox Player comes in both the HD and SD formats and has several options that make it one of the best streaming players available. It is completely customizable and comes with a built-in player, that makes it easy to watch satellite channels with their full experience.

The player is able to record and store programs for viewing at a later time with crystal clear high definition images. It also offers a variety of built-in software that allows viewers to enjoy satellite programming like never before.

The Dreambox Player is often used as a portable device and the hardware options available on the hardware side are exceptional. Most players come with a USB port for an additional source of power and have a USB port for direct connection to a television. The design is sleek and functional, with a large remote control that makes it easy to operate the player.

It is also extremely lightweight, making it an excellent travel companion for traveling around the house. The box is very compact and the different components are housed in the box itself.


The Dreambox Player offers a wide range of features for those that wish to watch streaming satellite videos. The unit is ideal for individuals that wish to watch a wide variety of content, as well as educational applications for children.

The Dreambox Player has a large feature list with a multitude of features for those looking to enjoy the full experience of watching satellite programming. The vast number of software applications include a search function, Internet news functions, channel history, online player options, and channels listings, which allow the user to search for channels by name.

Other great features include a wide range of radio options, including AM/FM, DAB, FM and satellite radio stations. The Dreambox Player also features a built-in TV tuner, so the user can choose from a wide range of over-the-air television programming.

The Dreambox Player is also able to decode the digital signals used by multiple devices in the home, such as DVD players, Blu-ray players, or game consoles. As with many other streaming players, the Dreambox Player has built-in DVD playback options and auto-title recognition technology, allowing users to record and playback entire DVDs without ever having to go back to the hardware to fix the error.

The Dreambox Player offers a wide range of built-in software packages, including a large library of online media, including online games, ringtones, alarm clocks, photo albums, and more. Users can even download applications for the Dreambox Player from a wide range of websites and receive updates directly from the manufacturer.

The Dreambox Player is very customizable and easy to use. With a wide variety of configurations and hardware options, it is definitely one of the best options for those who desire the maximum entertainment value from their satellite television.