The Dreambox DM920 UHD 4K is the next, long-awaited Ultra HD receiver from Receiver-Urgestein Dream Property. The DM920 is almost identical to its little sister DM900. The manufacturer has remained true to its long-established design and has significantly upgraded it in terms of technology. Because the Dreambox DM920 performs much more than their little sisters when playing and receiving 4K content. With a dual core processor (12000 DMIPS), 8 GB Flash and 2 GB RAM, the DM920 brings the necessary technical prerequisites to be able to play 4K content fluently. The Dreambox DM920 has two tuner slots. You can freely choose whether to use the receiver to receive satellite, cable or antenna signals.

Advantages of the Dreambox DM920

  • Linux operating system: Linux Enigma2 preinstalled at the factory. Dreambox users benefit from the many years of experience of the manufacturer of the first Linux receiver.
  • Power: Dual core processor, 8 GB flash memory and 2 GB RAM provide 12,000 DMIPS with fast boot and extremely short switching times.
  • Huge community: Dreambox receivers are the most popular receivers on the market. You benefit from the huge community and the numerous forums.
  • Quality standards: Dreambox receivers are designed and manufactured under quality standards.
  • Adaptable and integrable: With numerous plug-ins, add-ons, skins and all common ports, the Dreambox DM920 is extremely adaptable and integratable.